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Professor Puzzle - Great Minds - Churchill's Cigar and Whisky Bottle Puzzle

Professor Puzzle - Great Minds - Churchill\'s Cigar and Whisky Bottle Puzzle

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  Just one piece from the Great Minds puzzle range! Will you be able to master this challenging glass, wood and metal brainteaser?   Aim: Can you remove the bolt from Churchill’s Whisky Bottle?     Winston Churchill (1874-1965) English Politician   Churchill was the British Prime Minister and statesman who led the country to victory against Nazi Germany in World War 2. He was often seen with a glass of whisky in his hand and a cigar in his mouth. As a young man in South Africa, he maintained that because the water was unfit to drink he had to add whisky and “by dint of careful application, I learned to like it!”.   It appears that the whisky was well diluted, and the cigars were more chewed than smoked. Nevertheless he had a reputation for a formidable capacity for both. In 1947 on being accused by Lady Astor of being drunk, he famously replied “And you Lady Astor are ugly. But I shall be sober in the morning”.

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